Pet Salon & Grooming Services

Both cat and dog grooming start with a thorough bath! Grooming services can be scheduled with a daily appointment or with doggie lodging or daycare reservation.
We assured your babies will be treated with kindness and get lots of hugs and kisses while in my salon. Whether you want a cool lion cut for your cat, or to simply control Fido’s shedding, I can help. Let your furry family member get pampered by the best pet stylists and groomers around when you come to Lisa’s Pet Salon. Our award-winning stylists will make sure they look great. ~Lisa

Our Grooming services include:
Baths with top-quality shampoos
Expert styling
Nail clipping
Fur dying
Teeth brushing
Paw Massage
Ear Cleaning
Cologne Spritz
Bandana or Bows

All of the animals in our care also receive a basic health screening and evaluation to ensure there are no bumps or other physical problems that may require a visit to the vet.

Schedule an appointment with our salon in Clifton, New Jersey, for our pet grooming services. Call for more information regarding our Grooming & Spa Packages.

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